Jessica Chang

I'm a designer at Samsara , freshly graduated from UC Berkeley . I spent my undergrad years working as a designer at various companies, including Intuit, Bayes Impact (YC S14), Alation (a16z), Gradescope, and as a software engineer intern at Tint. I am also an a16z Generation Design Cycle IV recipient, and spent the latter half of college at the Hybrid-Ecologies Lab.

Selected tangible and visual pieces:
Raven, a bluetooth vehicle, a bluetooth game controller
Shoji-inspired pencil box
Jacobs School for Design Innovation
Sigma Eta Pi Marketing

In my free time, I make furniture, blog about my explorations in art and new media, photograph round the city streets, and tweet here. Here are some artists and designers who inspire me. This is my brain dump. Catch me shooting hoops every Sunday at the Mission Bay Creek Courts.